Don't you hate being  

stuck in a rut?

When your life feels so unfulfilled and bland-er than a piece of plain toast with no butter? Girl – I was there. For years. Just me, myself, and I, livin’ my bland-iest life. #BlandyMcBlanderson


After being stuck in a creative rut for many years, I decided to:

1. Finally do something about it instead of binge-watching Stranger Things and The Crown for many countless hours (but who am I kidding -  I’m still gonna do it)

2. Tell myself “I can” instead of “I can’t” and pulled myself out of the self-doubting hole I'd fallen into.


With a dash of finding your purpose, livin’ your best life, and not apologizing for it, and a hint of DIYs, discovering new places, and laughin’ my way through life; you’ve got a complete recipe for this little slice of online space that I call mine.


So if you’re someone who’s sick ‘n’ tired of feeling stuck in that rut or trapped in a meaningless whirlpool of despair – then girl, I gotchu. We’re in this together and I hope you’re tagging along for the “Merisa Lee’s Not-So-Plain-Toast-With-No-Butter” type of life. (insert Highschool Musical song “We’re all in this together” here)

Oh yeah, I should probably tell you about

"me" too...

Hi! I’m                        


I’m a small-town Nova Scotia girl now living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I'm recently married to my sweetheart, Jarrid, and we have a giant fur-covered baby named Rollo who likes treats, walks and going to daycare to play with other people's fur-covered babies. 

I LOVE anything British (Downton Abbey, amirite!?) and listening to a lil' jazz on a cozy Saturday morning.   

My passion for creating led me here, and I can't wait to see how far the journey will go.  

Merisa Lee Skinner


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