10 fun facts about Iceland

As Iceland has only gained popularity as a travel destination in more recent years, it's not surprising that most people don't know a thing about it. (I thought it was a ice-themed amusement park when I first heard of it.. so trust me, you're not alone!)

As I only truly learned about this awesome country in 2015 during my first visit, I was fortunate enough to learn and experience Iceland for myself.

That's why I'm sharing with you 10 fun facts about Iceland!

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1. They have their own language - I mean, look at this street sign

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

2. They use their own currency - The Icelandic Króna

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

And no - I'm not holding a five thousand "dollar" bill. I'm holding around $58 CAD, or $43 USD, sadly.

3. Iceland loves - and I mean LOVES - their liquorice - and it ain't your average Nibs.

(Source: Duty Free Iceland)

Purchase DJÚPUR here.

4. They leave their babies tied up in strollers by themselves outside - Yup, just like dogs.

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

5. There are actual live volcanoes on the island - They call it the land of fire and ice, after all.

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts volcano

If you're the bold and fearless type, you can actually book a trip inside a volcano. Several tour companies offer this experience. You can even book this activity through Iceland's main airline company - Iceland Air. Book your first volcano tour here.

6. They have a whole museum dedicated to ... wieners - From big to small, they got it all.

(Don't think I'll be adding an image of this one guys!)

Visit the Icelandic Phallological Museum here.

7. Puffin and whale is on the menu - Literally.

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

You can try it for yourself at the Hereford Steakhouse.

8. Iceland is actually WARMER than Greenland - didn't expect that, did ya!

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

Although Iceland is milder than Greenland, it can still reach temperatures of -10 °C during the winter months, so be sure to pack your snow gear if visiting during winter!

9. You won't be able to order a Big Mac on Iceland, because there's no McDonald's - You read that right.

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

However, you can still go see the last McDonald's Big Mac meal sold in Iceland back in 2009 in a glass case - and it still looks the same. See for yourself here.

10. Forget about white sandy beaches, because Iceland's got black sand beaches.

 iceland reikjavik travel fun facts

Iceland is one of the few places on earth that has beaches with black sand. How does the sand become black, you ask? Cooled lava breaks itself down over time to smaller and smaller bits of rock and then to sand - forming the vast shorelines filled with the black substance. Cool, hey? You can read about the black sand beaches in Iceland here.


Although those were only 10 fun facts about Iceland, there is just so much more you can learn about this amazing and unique country! To plan your own Icelandic adventure, visit Icelandair.

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