3 effective ways to rise into your purpose

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In December of 2018, after Christmas had past and the holiday weight had been gained, there was only one thing left for me to do before the New Year - to have another slice of fruit cake and plop back down on the couch to watch more black and white holiday movies with actors that aren’t even alive anymore. “Ahh”, I thought, “living the dream”.

But as those black and white movies were running through the screen, and I was watching these fictional characters living their best black and white life - it occurred to me that I’d been doing this for FAR. TOO. LONG.

I’d been sitting down all of my life - watching other people’s lives go by while they we’re carrying out my ambitions and dreams. They were Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds, laughing and dancing on a stage and running a country bed & breakfast in the 1940’s, and I was just watching from my comfy couch, eating fruit cake.

Can you relate?

It was time for me to get cracking on my back-burner aspirations and finally get my caboose in gear. I knew I had a purpose in this world - a mission set out just for me. I knew I was more than a fruit cake eating, couch-lounging, frizzy-haired woman with a flame in her heart for more. I knew that I could BE more.

If this sounds familiar, it's because it's something I think a lot of us struggle with. And truth be told: discovering your purpose - your life's mission - doesn't have to be figured out all at once.

If you are just like I was, cluelessly living your everyday life knowing there could be more to it - then read on for 3 effective ways I was able to harness some dang purpose.

Develop what comes naturally

"Okay", I thought, "so now what? "

Raise your hand if you've ever asked yourself this questions recently - heck, even on the daily. Because I know I have.

But getting started with discovering YOU doesn't have to be totally painful - just do what comes naturally to you.

There may be things that you are already doing on a daily basis that makes your day that much more pleasant. Those simple joys that get you through the day that you may not take much notice of. What are those things that you can't wait to share with your coworkers and friends? Those things you rush home to enjoy at the end of a long work day? Girl, those are YOUR things. The things that are planted in you, for you.

So your next step? Develop and nurture those things day-by-day. Do you love taking photos and interested in photography? Get yourself an entry-level DSLR and learn it's components and the techniques of photography. Love grabbing a bunch of ingredients and coming up with new, unique recipes? Consider writing your very own cookbook or starting a food blog.

When you devote the time and energy into the abilities that are instinctively yours - you very quickly step into the person you're meant to be.

Get off your dang phone

We're all guilty of this one. The classic "I'll only go on Insta for like 5 minutes ... then back at it!"

But then those 5 minutes turn into 40 and the next thing ya know, it's 10:30PM and it's time to get ready for bed for another fantastic day at work tomorrow. And the 30 minutes you were going to spend before bedtime to do some research on your passion became reading an article titled "Is Kim Kardashian's left butt cheek bigger than the right one?" (In all seriousness, I wanna know.)

I think you get the point here; get rid of the distractions that are ultimately designed to lead you away from your calling. It's SO EASY to fall victim to it, "I'll just watch one episode" or "I'll just go to the mall for an hour".

I get it, were all living busy lives and time is in short supply. But that's exactly why we need to be focused and determined and set time slots aside for the things we want to achieve. Because the hour or two you spend Netflix and chilling isn't going to help you accomplish your dream.

Try looking at the things you do from a conscious perspective and ask yourself "Is this activity going to lead me forward, or set me backwards?"

Distractions are meant to do just that - distract. And if you're serious about discovering your purpose and to live a meaningful life, Insta can wait!

Be inspired, continuously

Remember being 11 years old and making collages using pictures in magazines just for the fun of it? And then being a little older, at 17, and making a vision board using magazine pics and thinking "This is what I want my life to look like".

In this day and age, we can use Pinterest to create those virtual vision boards that we can refer back to when we crave some motivation. I want to encourage you to create some place - whether it be on Pinterest, a dollar store bristol board with glued-on magazine clippings, or even a graphic on Canva that you could save as your desktop background - to be your go-to spot for daily inspiration. It's one thing to envision in your head how you want your life to play out, but having images and quotes there as support will help turn your purpose from a concept into something you can SEE.

Your purpose should inspire you, awaken you, and trigger you in a way that nothing else can (yes - even more than a tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie inspires me to eat ALL of it).

Use your inspiration to fuel your purpose forward.


Not everyone's road is linear, and not everyone's dreams are lived. But today, I want to encourage you to just start. Start the project you've been putting off. Start the new career you've always dreamed of. Start the business that you've been contemplating. Start drawing again.

Discovering the "who you are meant to be" doesn't have to be mind boggling. The baby steps you can take now that will drive you forward will make your future self be so grateful you did.

Tell me girl, what steps have you recently taken to push your purpose forward? Leave me a comment below, I'm so curious to hear!

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