Branding session with Newfound Picnics

Picnics are something that I think everyone can agree on - eating amazing food outdoors and enjoying the fresh air with friends or family? Picnics are the best!

However, a new local company here in St. John's has amped up the picnic scene completely. Newfound Picnics is a pop-up picnic company serving the St. John's area with luxurious and beautifully decorated picnic experiences. Heather & Josh (owners) have taken their love of Newfoundland and curated these incredible picnic experiences so you and your partner, family, or your group of gal-pals can soak-in the moment in a spectacular space.

I tell ya - this was probably the EASIEST branding sessions I've done yet - I mean, look at how aesthetically pleasing everything was! And those charcuterie boxes... 😍

It was important for their session that I captured not only the finished table setting & specific details, but that I also captured Heather & Josh's process to get their tables ready. One might think that laying the items & food down just anywhere will do it - but to get everything looking juuuuuust right - there's definitely an eye for detail that's needed to make it all come together so beautifully.

During your branding session - it's important to show the "behind-the-scenes" of how you get er' done in your business. Showcasing your method for getting a finished product or service complete is essential to connecting with your clients & customers - we want them to feel like part of the process and to let them into your world for a brief moment. The "know, like & trust" factor of your business is letting people IN; whether that may be sharing your workflow, a process or a technique you're currently using.

I'm so happy to be sharing Newfound Picnics' branding session with you all - it was an absolute pleasure and such a fun experience to shoot their gorgeous picnic & process!


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