Branding session with Gina Keeping

If you haven't heard of Gina Keeping - you're gonna learn today! Gina is a business and mindset mentor here in St. John's, NL who earlier this year launched her very own podcast "Keeping it Real". Gina's energy, spirit and positive mindset is the kick-in-the-butt we ALL need to inspire our future endeavours; I'm so glad I've got her in my life and get to listen to her podcast on the regular!

She's also a lover of all things mugs (that we share in common) and hence why we used this particular item - and a few others - in her shoot!

When planning the shoot, I knew from her Insta account that she loved her mugs, reading, journaling/writing notes - and of course that she'd recently launched her podcast. This is why bringing particular items/props that showcased her individual personality and brand were crucial for her shoot. Her main business focus is mindset development, so having particular items centered around that topic were going to be important to capture for her brand.

We chose 2 locations for this shoot - and these two locations we distinctively chosen as these were spots that Gina loved and were going to compliment her overall brand. The ALT hotel in downtown St. John's is a spot which Gina sometimes rents conference rooms from for her mentoring/speaking events - so shooting there was already a reflection of her business. Plus - the decor and interior of the space is absolutely stunning!

Pippy Park was the second location we chose as it's a park that Gina often finds herself reading her books on her "reading tree" and soaking up the overall atmosphere to press reset on her mind. As mental wellness and development are Gina's areas of expertise, choosing a location in a nature-filled environment where one is able to soak-in the calmness was also a great choice for Gina's shoot!

When planning your branding photography shoot - think of the locations you love and the items which you find yourself using on the regular for your business. We want to share the particular things that make you "YOU"! It's going to help your customers/clients connect with you when you share the important parts of your day or the behind-the-scenes moments that will make your brand come to life.

Gina's brand certainly came to life during this shoot - I'm so thrilled to be able to share these images that captured all things Gina Keeping!


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