Branding session with Sunshine Sarah

If I can admit one thing about myself is that I'm probably the LAST person you should ask for fashion advice. Like at all. My hubby literally had to stop me from going out the door once cause I was wearing socks & sandals (to be honest I still don't see the problem... 😂).

But there's one St. John's blogger who's always rocking amazing outfits and has a natural flare for all things pink, pretty and well, total princess-vibes!

Sarah Gerbig is a professionally trained makeup artist and fashion blogger here in St. John's. Sarah's always got a fun, new outfit on her feed and her aesthetic is ALL things pink!

For Sarah's branding session, it was mid-February (I know what you're thinking - you did an outdoor shoot in MID-February in Newfoundland!?) Why yes, yes we did. #noregrets.

Downtown was the best spot for Sarah's shoot as we walked around several buildings & streets to snap her 3 gorgeous outfits that day.

I knew Sarah was going to incorporate her personality for the shoot through the clothing and accessories she brought with her - she made sure that pink appeared at least once or twice throughout her outfits as this colour is important to her overall aesthetic & brand.

Clothing - if not other types of props/objects - is a totally important part of your brand photography shoot for so many reasons! This day is meant to showcase your individualities and the things that make you unique; and what better way to share that with the world than to wear the outfits that you feel most comfortable in! Outfit coordination is definitely a key ingredient we'll discuss during our branding session consult; but the most important thing about your shoot-day is that you feel 100% at ease - meaning you're feeling like a total hot-mama in whatever outfit you choose!

Let's just say that shooting with Sarah was a breeze - she's a natural at posing in front of the camera and her personality truly shines through the lens! She wasn't afraid to try new things and probably jumped off a bench 85+ times repeatedly for some of those awesome action shots.

While the style and goal of the shoot was semi-editorial meets casual fashion & street style photography - we really just had fun roaming around the city and let the day guide us to our various shoot locations. The end result was an amazing day with such a sweet soul who instantly makes me wanna head to the mall to grab a new purse ('cause hellooooo, did you see the cute purses she brought to the shoot!?) ✨👛👜✨


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