DIY Board & Batten wall reveal!

Well guys - another DYI project has gone underway in the Skinner household. Our 'thing' these days is "After this project, NO MORE for awhile". But of course, there are more.

We bought our home last year, and it seems like we're now just getting around to making it ours. Or, in other words - less 90's and more "this day and age".

I guess with the world on lockdown, it's only natural that we give our home a quick facelift during our spare time! Do ya blame us?

I won't make this post super long - 'cause girl, I know you're busy and you wanna see them #BeforeAndAfters, amirite?!

I'll also give ya a quick step-by-step on how we achieved this board & batten wall in our master bedroom - 'cause hey - you're in quarantine too! So maybe your wall is also crying out for an awesome makeover!


Can't show you a "Before & After" without the "Before", right!? So here's a look at our bedroom pre-board & battened:


Now, let's dive into how we created our feature wall!

First thing's first, strip it down! We moved our furniture well out of the way for a comfortable work-space.

We took off all the fixtures & hooks, and removed the existing baseboard from the wall.

Next, we removed the old caulking with a scrapper, and scrapped off some of the loose paper from the drywall.

Once the caulking & loose paper has been scrapped off, this is where you'd add your plaster for a smooth finish. (We actually didn't do the plastering at this point - which would have been a lot easier - but you should ensure to do this step after prepping the wall to make everything nice and smooth).

Now, to add the wood framing which makes up the design.

We measured the length of our wall, and cut our first piece of 1 x 4 pine to fit. Be sure to trim the existing baseboard so your pine fits right in place.

After finding your studs, secure the pine in place with a brad-nailer (lining up your nails with your studs).

We repeated for the top piece of pine.

Next, we measured the vertical pieces in between the first two boards and nailed them on the wall.

Now that we had a frame set in place, it was time to continue building onto the design with more pine.

Yay! The design for the "board & batten" was complete. We decided that 3 sections for the pattern was the perfect for our bedroom size.

To prep for the painting, we spackled over the nail holes and over any imperfections on the drywall's surface.

This is when we put on our plastering as well. Like I mentioned before, doing this after ripping up the baseboard and scrapping off the paper on the wall would have worked too.

YES! Paint time! Can you guess what colour we went with? 🤭

Here's the colour! It's called "Fjord Blue" by Sico. We picked up this unique shade at our local Kent Building Supply store.

🎶 They see me rollin'... they hatin' 🎶

(Sorry, I had to put that in there - it totally fits the "paint rolling" theme, doesn't it! 😆)

First coat, D-O-N-E!

Second coat - D-O-N-E! Jeesh, that was fast 😅!

And now... what everyone's been waiting for! 👇



Guys! I can't believe how awesome it turned out! Such an incredibly easy DYI to add a dramatic, elegant look to our master bedroom!

Keep scrolling for ALL the pics!

(By the way!) Jarrid MADE these sconce-lamps HIMSELF! Isn't that the coolest?

OKAY - here's a side-by-side of the before VS after of our bedroom:


Thanks for reading through this neat weekend project of ours! Seriously #obsessed with how our board & batten wall turned out! For all you DIYers out there - now is the best time to create the spaces you love in your home. This project in particular took us a little less than 48 hours to complete; the perfect "weekend" project for sure!

This ain't gonna be our last DIY project - in fact we're currently at another one as we speak! (Or I guess, as you're reading this 😆)

So, stay tuned for our next project reveal which will be hitting your screens REAL soon!

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